MP’s Tesco Supermarket Surgery in Oban a great success


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“Reaching out to Constituents at a place which suits them – Supermarket Surgeries off to a great start”

Brendan O’Hara MP who was elected on a pledge of accessibility, took to the foyer of Tesco’s in Oban last Thursday to hold his first supermarket surgery. The event was a huge success, meeting valued constituents who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet with their MP. This was the first of what is hoped to be a new grassroots approach to interacting with the many communities around Argyll and Bute.img_1584
“This was a great success, so many locals came over to say hello, tell me what mattered to them and speak to me about issues which affect their lives. Many more have followed up with me on more complex or private matters which they would otherwise never have thought to approach their MP about. One of the best bits about this job is meeting such a huge variety of so many people, and if I can help with an issue, big or small, it’s what I’m here for.
This was a great start to this initiative and I am already arranging with other retailers to do the same as often as possible and as widely as I can. For too long, Westminster politicians have been viewed as remote, London-centric figures who can be out of touch with their communities, I have every intention of breaking this mould”.
Future dates will be announced in due course.