Brendan O’Hara MP “SNP call for Secretary of State for Scotland to resign”:


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SNP MPs have called on David Mundell to ‘stand down – and stand down now’ as Conservative Secretary of State for Scotland.

Following reports that Mundell is to make a statement in the Commons today, Local MP, Brendan O’Hara said the only acceptable statement would be his resignation as he has ‘utterly failed to protect devolution and the Scottish Parliament’. However, Mr Mundell’s statement appears to be designed to prevent him having to go ahead with a scheduled evidence session in the Scottish Parliament on Brexit.

The calls come following the democratic outrage of the Tories’ power grab on devolved administrations – which was not debated in the chamber and just 15 minutes were allocated at Westminster on issues related to devolution during the EU Withdrawal Bill debate – with no Scottish MPs given the opportunity to speak as the entire time was taken up by Cabinet Office Minister, David Lidington.

The Tory power-grab was approved by Westminster – ignoring the voice of Scotland’s Parliament, which a cross-party majority withheld consent – with SNP MPs the only representatives to vote against it.

Brendan O’Hara MP said:

“David Mundell gas utterly failed to protect devolution and the Scottish Parliament. The only appropriate response is for him to stand down, and stand down now.”

“He is supposed to be Scotland’s man in London but whenever the UK Government takes a major decision, he is not even invited to the table. Whenever the UK Government makes a decision that goes against Scotland’s interests, he goes into hiding, rather than standing up for Scotland.”

“He is letting us all down, by failing to lift a finger to protect our national interests and to protect Scotland from this incredibly damaging Brexit. He must go.”