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It might only have been flying for a wee while but give it the support to win today #Tiree #Scotland #flag #votefortiree @BrendanOHaraMP pls retweet @stewartmccheyne @TyreeGin @balinoeblondie @Skerrypiper https://twitter.com/FlagInstitute/status/1290592070567170048

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The Auld Alliance is forgotten today as a French town takes on a Scottish island in the #WorldSeriesOfFlags

Statement on nuclear weapons from the Bishops of Scotland and England, welcomed by all who seek peace and a nonviolent world https://scmo.org/news-releases/perma/1596531600/article/statement-on-nuclear-weapons-from-the-bishops-of-s.html?utm_source=blog_post&utm_medium=blog_share_button&utm_campaign=blog_social_sharer #Blogging #NewsReleases

Co-working and collaboration is the key to progressive creative endeavours. It will be great to have the space to explore, design and innovate. #weaving #design #oban

Here on Tiree we feel that our beautiful beaches should be accessible to all. There are many that can be easy to explore but some are a wee bit harder and that's why a few years ago the Ranger Service acquired two beach wheelchairs.