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Our Report, State Responsibility & Yazidi Genocide, is now out! Here: RSVP, launch today 14:00 UK:

w/t @Elif_Safak, @HelenaKennedyQC, @RushanaraAli, @BrendanOHaraMP, @TatyanaEatwell, @EwelinaUO, @Leyla_Ferman, @Aarif_Abraham

This morning, speaking for @theSNP I asked the Minister for Defending The Indefensible (aka The Paymaster General, Michael Ellis) when we would get off this Merry-Go-Round of Prime Ministerial lies. Turns out the answer was sooner than I thought.

Yesterday this letter signed by 35 MPs & Lords was sent to @MfaEgypt in support of @trussliz's statement to parliament about her working to secure Alaa’s release.
Today, they're having a bilateral meeting in the UK as Alaa reaches his 95th day of hunger strike #SaveAlaa

The minister for defending the indefensible is sent out to defend his boss says @BrendanOHaraMP

@BrendanOHaraMP was good enough to ask @Jacob_Rees_Mogg a question about our situation a few weeks ago. Mogg's deceit and indifference to the plight of British businesses has to be seen to be believed:

I've read & spoken to @FigandPen about the unmitigated disaster that Brexit has been for her business. Today, speaking for @theSNP I challenged Brexit Opportunities Minister to say how long she and thousands of others must wait for his promised "broad, sunlit uplands" to arrive

Delighted to be kicking off tonight's event on continued religious persecution in #Eritrea with @APPGFoRB, @CSW_UK & @eritrea_focus. Thanks to @BrendanOHaraMP for chairing. 1st speaker is @khatazagondwe reading remarks from @ElsaChyrum summarising human rights situation.

As ⁦@theSNP⁩ spokesperson on Intl Human Rights, I’ll be part of the 2022 Freedom of Religion or Belief Ministerial Conference. My commitment to #FoRB and support for Yazidi people come from knowing @NadiaMuradBasee⁩, the bravest & most inspirational person I’ve ever met