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Brendan is very active across Social Media and it’s a great way to keep up with what is happening across the Argyll and Bute Constituency and at Westminster. Below are recent posts from Brendan’s Twitter -and Facebook.

.@BrendanOHaraMP asks if government agrees investigation should be carried out by the @IntlCrimCourt and whether the UK will unreservedly condemn attacks on mourners. Minister actually doesn't answer either question.

Strong impassioned words by @BrendanOHaraMP in the chamber on the cold blooded murder of #ShireenAbuAkleh which I wholeheartedly agree with.
#RIPShireenAbuAkleh #FreePalestine

It was good to chat with Argyll and Bute SNP members yesterday- and to get an Indy update from @forlean. The only party of which I'm an actual member though is the Yes family. Stick together, keep the heid, and we'll win.

The first Eurovision I can really remember was the 1970 competition in which Dana won for Ireland with All Kinds of Everything, and that鈥檚 the only excuse I have for posting this lovely version by Sinead O'Connor & Terry Hall - via @YouTube #Eurovision

Image for twitter card
Sinead O'Connor & Terry Hall - All Kinds of Everything

many many thnx to Minisistonia and Bohemian for this

Thanks to all Argyll & Bute @theSNP members at our first in-person Members Day in 2 years. Excellent presentation from @Feorlean and a challenging and though provoking address from @ruth_wishart ahead of discussion on making A&B YES. Huge collection for Ukraine refugees too 馃嚭馃嚘

Brilliant piece. Sigh.

Andrew O鈥橦agan 路 A Cosmos Indoors: My Kingdom for a Mint Cracknel 路 LRB 21 April 2022

A UK & Irish parliamentary delegation travelled to Colombia to a place inhabited by indigenous Wayuu and Afro-Colombian communities whose rights are being negatively impacted by the work of a mining company.
@ABColombia1 @EnlaceCEVUKI @LatAmB @JFColombia

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