Brendan O’Hara MP

SNP Member of Parliament for Argyll and Bute

Press Release: Brendan O’Hara MP calls for fully independent investigation into Royal Navy sexual harrassment claims

On Tuesday, I spoke in the House of Commons after several whistleblowers and victims of sexual harassment came forward to speak of their traumatic experiences whilst serving in the Royal Navy. Many woman have spoken …

Autumn Newsletter 2022

There has been a lot happening over the past few weeks and I am glad to finally be getting back to Parliament after a short break during recess and due to the sad passing of …

PRESS RELEASE: Brexit Freedom’s Bill is ‘another Tory power-grab’, says Brendan O’Hara MP

The aim of the Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill is to repeal all EU regulations in the UK, including those protecting safe limits on working hours and parental leave, and standards on water …

Brendan o’hara mp

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#Argyll & Bute Councillors voted unanimously for @WASPI_Campaign Motion 6 years ago this month & local Landmarks lit up purple 2017-21. Our MP & MSPs supportive from outset. WASPI petition almost at 40K sigs! Time to act @RishiSunak…

@StAndrewsRCSec Early Day Motion 625 I am so proud of the kids of the Andy. See you at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground! @AndyMitchMedia @WestaScotland @BeerhuntersTA @colincfctaylor #scotsfoundedfootball

Early Day Motion 625. Thos Seniors will be at West at Noon today. Ged

Honoured to listen to @HalaSafil and Zina Khallat, Yezidi survivors of ISIS captivity who spoke at the @FCDOGovUK event to PSVI Ministerial: 'Turning the Tide on Ensuring Justice for Yazidis for CRSV.' Thank you to @EwelinaUO @BrendanOHaraMP @HelenaKennedyQC @UK_FoRBEnvoy.

In my role as @theSNP Cabinet Office Spokesperson, I responded to yet another Urgent Question about Tories’ use of “VIP lanes” for PPE procurement, asking if the were happy just to sit and watch this “dripping roast of sleaze” or were they going to do something about it?

👏@BrendanOHaraMP “This get-rich-quick scheme to fast-track cronies, politically connected pals and colleagues was never going to end well. I suspect that today’s revelations, however shocking, are simply the tip of a very large iceberg”…

1/4 The first Gold Award of the evening goes to Port Ellen Primary School, for the 2022 Pearson National Teaching Award for Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year (Sponsored by @ThePiXLNetwork) Fantastic job @portellenps! #TeachingHeroes

Michelle Mone PPE firm revelations prompt anger in Commons…

Well said Mr O'Hara - SNP "...simply the tip of a very large iceberg – an iceberg that could yet sink this ship of fools,”

Our Bothy Calendar 2023 is now on sale. £5 each (plus p&p) Beautiful images taken by our members. Photography is a great way to help our own wellbeing #2023calendar #photography