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Brendan o’hara mp

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Axing the Human Rights Act. Getting rid of judicial reviews of UK Gov actions. Jailing people who legally protest. Criminalising migrants. Just what part of this shoddy govenrment makes you want to stay in the UK?

Today marks the 150th day Dr Abduljalil AlSingace has spent on hunger strike in #Bahrain to demand the return of his confiscated work.

How long will Dr AlSingace have to endure just to ensure his basic rights are respected? #FreeBahrainiPrisoners #FreeAlSingace

It is the Lord Jesus whom we meet in the faces of our marginalized and discarded brothers and sisters, in the migrant who is despised, rejected, put in a cage, but also in the migrant journeying toward hope, toward a better human life. #ApostolicJourney

Thank you The Chicks for spending 879 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #SpotifyWrapped

Great result! Huge congrats to the newest @theSNP councillor, @FanetSarah. Very well done to Sarah and all her campaign team. I know she will be a first class councillor for her local community.

Fort William and Ardnamurchan (Highland) By-Election, first preferences:

SNP ~ 905 (39.6%, +6.7)
Con ~ 485 (21.2%, +8.5)
Grn ~ 328 (14.3%, +14.3)
LD ~ 231 (10.1%, +5.5)
McKenna ~ 194 (8.5%, +8.5)
Matheson ~ 88 (3.8%, -0.4)
Drayton ~ 56 (2.4%, +2.4)

SNP elected stage TBC.

Question by @BrendanOHaraMP on US & UK cooperation on sanctions against #Eritrea for destabilising influence in #Tigray, Ethiopia. @vickyford response indicates joint transatlantic action could have impact. Read more: