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Brendan o’hara mp

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@BrendanOHaraMP Thanks to Brendan and his team, my new mother in law got to join our wedding on Saturday. Look at the spontaneous reaction she got after being whisked from the airport

It's back to school day in Argyll and Bute!

Good luck to all our children and young people, especially our new P1 and S1 pupils. We hope you have a great day! :-) #abplace2b

Following a £1.5 million investment, #Lochgilphead’s Front Green will open this weekend #abplace2b #regeneration

In 1982 the bishops of Scotland released a prophetic statement on #nuclearweapons @JandPScotland have made a short film of this statement using voices of today. On this 77th anniversary of the bombings of #Hiroshima & #Nagasaki we ask you to 👀here👇& 👉

Days since the SNP last won an election in Scotland: 88

Days since the Tories last won an election in Scotland: 24588

Yet Liz Truss says the SNP Government and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon should be "ignored."

Our statement in commemoration of the 8th anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide.

Summary findings from our report on state responsibility and the Yazidi Genocide + recommendations on what States can do to assist Yazidi community achieve justice are here:

Join us for our first virtual panel on 3 August:

#Yezidi #Yazidi #YazidiGenocide - the European Perspective with @PieterOmtzigt @HelenaKennedyQC @BrendanOHaraMP @AgnesMulderCDA @EwelinaUO

Please join our virtual event by registering here:

Thank you SO much to Fiona Stage @BrendanOHaraMP ‘s office and to the lovely staff at Glasgow Passport Office - I now have my passport. NO thanks to HMPO in general, or to their team of unhelpful, outsourced call handlers who make a bad situation 100% worse.