Local MP seeking to raise awareness of a new generation of veterans and Service personnel


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brendan_oharaBrendan O’Hara MP
“We must promote and recognise our defence community as a true asset to Scotland

On the approach to Remembrance Sunday when the losses of so many of our service personnel from so many conflicts is reflected upon, local MP Brendan O’Hara MP spoke in a House of Commons debate today to raise awareness of a new generation of veterans and Service personnel emerging from the Armed Forces.

Commenting, Brendan indicated the following:

“Veterans are an asset to society and deserve our thanks, our support and our respect.  This is an opportune time to consider today’s veterans and service personnel and their place in society. 

Every year, around 1800 service personnel make the transition into civilian life and around 40% of those report health or welfare difficulties during this time.  But they can also suffer from financial issues, employment issues, social issues and need relationship support.  Much of that support comes from charities. 

In 2014, the Scottish Government launched their first ever Veterans Commissioner which has resulted in a number of funded initiatives for Scottish veterans.  Fundamentally, our service personnel, when leaving the forces should suffer no disadvantage from having served and this is an overriding principal for the Scottish Government and its strategic partners. 

Military service fosters leadership, organisational skills, resilience and specialist skills such as medical or technical expertise. Veterans – and their families – are a great asset for the private sector, and a growing number of employers are actively targeting veterans to fill their skills gaps.  The Scottish Government have made specific provision to support our Veterans, both in priority healthcare, housing support and ensuring service families and their children have as much access to an equal education as those in civilian life.  Scotland can and should be the destination of choice for those leaving the armed forces, the contribution they make to Scottish society is invaluable”.