Brendan O’Hara MP “Here’s hoping there’s light at the end of the fibre”:


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Ofcom plans for ‘Full-Fibre’65829020f6ea67f48aa759d3dd32c68a_xlFollowing Ofcom’s announcement of initial plans to allow competitors access to existing BT infrastructure, local MP Brendan O’Hara has welcomed this news with open arms:

“I have consistently and openly criticised the roll-out of superfast broadband, particularly across Argyll and Bute which has only achieved 58% roll-out so far.  Compare this to the UK average of 91%, it is clear the logistics of delivering broadband has been a challenge to say the least”.

“Allowing competitive access to existing infrastructure is a welcome development for us all.  Of all the complaints and communications I receive daily, broadband is consistently the recurring theme.”

“Digital access has been a huge barrier to development in parts of Argyll and Bute.  It is almost impossible to exist without internet access at some point in your day.  This is particularly poignant when you consider many of the public services we are obliged to use such as taxing your car or filing your tax returns have been digitised long-before the infrastructure was sufficient to support it.”

“This news is very welcome but its long overdue and should have been the kind of forward thinking that happened before the world moved online.”