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Mission for Medicine: Sinjar Hospital, Snuni Hospital and Yazda’s Mobile Clinic


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Brendan O’Hara MP“The Sinjar and Snuni Hospitals don’t even have the most basic of medical supplies”:






Speaking at the launch of Missions For Medicine, Argyll & Bute MP Brendan O’Hara said, “This is a wonderful initiative; one that is seeking to alleviate the suffering of one of the most abused and longsuffering communities on the planet. And I wish it every success.”

He continued;
“I know that the Sinjar and Snuni hospitals are enduring a chronic shortage of medicines and even the most basic of painkillers are in desperately short supply. Anything therefore that we can send will be gratefully received by the doctors and nurses”
Commenting on his own association with the Yazidi people, the local MP said; “I have been involved in highlighting the plight of the Yazidi people since first being contacted by my constituent, Fiona Bennett shortly after being elected in 2015. The story she told me was so shocking that it would have been impossible for me not to try and help in whatever way I could.”
Since then, Mr O’Hara has raised the fate of the Yazidi community on numerous occasions in parliament and last year hosted Nadia Murad, the former Daesh sex-slave at Westminster and was the only UK parliamentarian to be invited to join her in New York when she was made a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking in 2016.






He added;
“When Fiona contacted me again with the idea of collecting medicines to send out to Sinjar, I agreed, without hesitation. This is yet another wonderful example of her humanitarianism and it shows the power that just one committed and motivated individual can make.”
Mr. O’Hara concluded;





“Whether it’s by funding Mary Meals or the tremendous work being done by local groups in Malawi, or with the welcome shown to the Syrian families on Bute, the people of Argyll & Bute have a long and proud record of helping those less fortunate than ourselves, and I’m sure they’ll rise again to the challenge of finding basic medicines to help the appallingly mistreated and impoverished Yazidi community”