Glen Fruin Crisis


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Brendan O’Hara MP:
“Communities come together to overcome extreme weather”:

The aptly named “Beast from the East” which gripped the UK last week left many parts of Argyll and Bute under a thick blanket of snow which cut off roads and affected thousands of households and businesses.





Helensburgh and Lomond was no exception and council workers worked around the clock to plough the roads which eventually got things moving again.  It was however a different story for residents and farmers in Glen Fruin where even snow ploughs struggled to cut through the compacted snow.  Families became trapped in their houses with diminishing food supplies and with no veterinary services able to reach the farms, animals and pregnant livestock were in danger.

Responding to the Glen Fruin crisis, local MP Brendan O’Hara said,

“These families, some with young children had very little food and essentials to keep them going, vets were unable to reach farms and essential supplies could not be delivered.  With the police and the council workers and the community all working together, the road was finally cleared.  I understand roads superintendent Donald Connelly and his team had to bring in a digger to finally clear access to the road after days of being unpassable.”

He went onto say,

“I would like to say a special thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to deal with this situation and to all the council workers across Argyll and Bute who put in extra special effort to get everyone on the move again.  It is in fact great testament to what can be achieved when the community comes together.”

Councillor Lorna Douglas who was contacted by a father whose daughter was one of those stranded said,

“It became clear very quickly that this was a particularly bad situation and required extra special effort from everyone to resolve.  From council staff, the police to the community itself, thankfully the situation was brought under control. 

She added,

“The one thing that has struck me about the severe weather disruption, is the care and concern that is in Helensburgh and across Argyll and Bute where people came to the help of their neighbours.  I would also like to pay tribute to those council workers who literally worked around the clock to clear those roads in the most dreadful conditions.”