“Prime Minister pressed on undocumented children”:


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SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford MP has asked the Prime Minister how she can justify charging undocumented children a thousand pounds to receive UK citizenship, which would lead to a “new Windrush generation”. 

Currently, there are an estimated 120,000 undocumented children who are entitled by law to UK Citizenship – but only if they register at a cost of a thousand pounds. For those who cannot afford the cost, the SNP have said it would create a new Windrush generation, of people who will be unable to secure jobs and rent properties. 

Commenting, Brendan O’Hara said: 

“The Windrush scandal has lifted the lid on the outrageous immigration policies of this Tory government, where individuals and their families are having their lives turned upside down.” 

“As Home Secretary in 2013, Theresa May remarked that the UK government should ‘deport first, and hear appeals later’ and we are now witnessing this at first hand.”

“In Argyll and Bute, I have received a considerable number of queries from Constituents, who – out of the blue – are finding themselves classed as ‘unlawful’ citizens, despite being raised here and living their whole lives in the UK.”

“In some circumstances, individuals are being instantly dismissed by their employers although it is blatantly and logically apparent that they are legitimate UK citizens.”

“The SNP have long campaigned for a fair and humane immigration system. The current immigration policy of the UK Government is failing Scotland and it is vital that, in addition to UK-wide reforms, immigration powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament to ensure that we can create a fair system for Scotland, its people and the specific needs of our economy.”