A&B SNP Council Group Motion to Cap Day Rate Charge at Arrochar Car parks


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A motion put forward by the SNP group, to cap a day rate at the Arrochar Car Parks, will be on the Agenda at this Thursdays Council Meeting.
The Arrochar car parks will see a 800% increase in the day rate at Glen Loin 1 and 2 car parks, an increase from £1 to £9 a day. The SNP Group will challenge this increase by proposing a capped rate of £3 per day, bringing it more in line with Ben Nevis at £4 per day and Ben Lomond at £3 par day, both these car parks, unlike Arrochar, also offer toilets and other facilities.

Helensburgh and Lomond councillors Shonny Paterson and Lorna Douglas have been inundated by objectors to the 800% increase and a petition “Petition Argyll and Bute Council against raising parking fees at Arrochar car parks by 800%” has reached almost 4000 signatures. Councillor Paterson, who also serves on the local mountain rescue team states “tourism is an essential part of our economy let alone the improvements to health and well being experienced by those who walk, run or cycle in our hills. Anything that deters tourists and locals from spending time in this most beautiful part of Scotland must be challenged and stopped”

Councillor Douglas added “Our motion will put a cap on the daily charge for vehicle owners at £3 per day. Many people from around the Helensburgh and Lomond area use these car parks more than once a week for recreation purposes and will often buy something to eat or drink in the hotels and shops afterwards supporting local businesses. Listening to the reasoned voice of public opinion is something we hope we can convince this administration is the common sense thing to do”. Cowal SNP Councillor Gordon Blair stated “the policy for setting parking charges was agreed at the last budget and following a review of charges this ridiculous level of charge was set. It is not in tablets of stone so it can be changed and we hope the administration will see sense and support this motion”