MP Brendan O’Hara Hits Back At Tory/LibDem Rejection Of SNP Motion Of A £3:00 Cap On Arrochar Car Park Fees


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Local MP Brendan O’Hara has today hit back at the Argyll & Bute Council Tory/LibDem Administration on their rejection of the SNP Motion to limit the drastic rise in rural parking charges at local landmark the Arrochar Alps to £3:00 per day.

Commenting, Brendan said:
“The Tory/LibDem council administration had the opportunity to reverse what was an ill-conceived policy to apply a massive levy on visitors, tourists and locals alike at the parking facilities at Arrochar.”

“Nowhere in the agreed budget was there any mention of any plan to apply an 800% levy on those who bring tourist trade into the constituency”.
“This has been a missed opportunity. With a bit of creativity, the Tory/LibDem council administration could have looked at other models of increasing revenues like paid visitor facilities or other services that folk would welcome. Instead, they have effectively introduced a tourist tax on those who bring much needed custom to the area”.

“Whilst the Scottish Government try to mitigate the last 8 years of austerity and real-time budget cuts from the Tories at Westminster, this Tory/LibDem council administration is undermining every other attempt to reverse the fortunes of Argyll and Bute. The usual mantra of trying to blame the Scottish Government for the last 8 years of tory austerity is wearing thin.”

“It’s high time the good folk of this constituency know who is responsible for the decisions that affect so much of our lives and that’s the Tory/LibDem council administration in Argyll and Bute”.