“Rural hill farmers must be protected in a No Deal Brexit”:


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Speaking in a debate on the effect a No Deal Brexit would have on sheep farming Brendan O’Hara MP emphasised that:

  “Scotland is home to one-fifth of the entire UK sheep flock and that much of that flock is in Argyll & Bute. Leaving the European Union with no deal would have a devastating effect on farmers and crofters. “

 “I urge the Government to listen to the words of Andrew McCornick of the Scottish National Farmers Union, who has said unequivocally that a No Deal Brexit must be avoided and that our farmers and crofters must have security and fair access to European markets”

Brendan further commented ” The Tory government is conspiring to end devolution as we know it by trying to dictate how farm funding is allocated in Scotland.”

 “It was the SNP that fought hard to win back the £160 million owed to Scotland’s farmers. We want that money to go straight into their hands. That’s a decision the SNP Government has already made – as was announced yesterday. It is not for a Tory Chancellor to dictate terms on money that is owed to Scotland.”

“This is the thin end of the wedge, and all parties at Holyrood should stand firmly against such unacceptable attempts to erode the powers of our parliament “

“But the bigger issue is this – the Tories think they can tear up the Scotland Act with impunity and undo twenty years of devolution in a single stroke. That’s why Scotland must have the choice to determine our own future.”