O’Hara receives unanimous backing to defend Argyll & Bute seat.


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Argyll and Bute SNP members have given Brendan O’Hara MP a huge vote of confidence by unanimously backing him as their candidate in any forthcoming General Election.

On the day the UK Supreme Court declared that Boris Johnson had acted illegally in suspending parliament and, as he prepared to return to London to resume his seat at Westminster, Mr. O’Hara said:

“In these deeply worrying times, I am both honoured and humbled to have received such an incredible show of support from our local SNP members here in Argyll & Bute.

He continued: “As Boris Johnson’s premiership descends into chaos and as the United Kingdom becomes engulfed in a Constitutional crisis of its own making, I will continue doing what I’ve been doing since 2015, representing the people of Argyll & Bute to the very best of my ability and defending them from the effects of a chaotic Hard-Tory Brexit.

Looking ahead to a possible General Election, Mr O’Hara concluded:

“When the General Election comes, we in Scotland must be able to choose our own future.

And that choice will be either as an independent, democratic European nation, or as part of an isolationist United Kingdom led by a right-wing Conservative Government.

Here in Argyll & Bute, this election will be a straight fight between the SNP and Boris Johnson’s Tories. It’s will also be a fight for Scotland’s future’

Following Brendan O’Hara’s reselection Michael Russell MSP said:

“Scotland mustn’t be dragged out of Europe against our will. It is vital that we oppose the no-deal plans of Boris Johnson and the actions of the extreme, and dangerous, Brexiteer clique around him.

They are trying to ride roughshod over democracy and the people’s right to choose their own future. If there is a snap election those will be the big issues and Brendan O’Hara is the right person to represent this area when they are debated at Westminster”