Vital new A83 is ‘best option’ for everyone in Argyll & Bute


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Brendan O’Hara MP urges constituents to contribute to public consultation

Argyll & Bute MP Brendan O’Hara has appealed for constituents to make their views known by contributing to a new public consultation launched by Transport Scotland on options for replacing the current A83 Rest and Be Thankful.

The local MP said: “It goes without saying that a new route is vital and we must find the best solution possible. The people and businesses of Argyll and Bute, as well as our many visitors, have had to put up with so much for far too long, they must able to travel across the constituency unhindered.

“Unfortunately, as we all know the growing impact of Climate Change on our weather systems has wreaked havoc on the A83 and since August we have all had to travel via the Old Military Road or, more recently, drive the Rest under traffic light control. The only alternative being a significantly lengthy diversion which takes more time and adds to the cost of every journey.”

Mr O’Hara added: Even this week, the inclement weather has again resulted in the A83 being closed and motorists having to use the OMR or alternate routes. I absolutely agree that this cannot go on; the A83 is the trunk route into Argyll & Bute and the gateway to the highlands and our islands. It is as important to this area as any other trunk route is to those living elsewhere in Scotland and we must find a long-term sustainable solution.

“Transport Scotland has opened its public consultation and has put forward its  11 preferred options.

“I would ask everyone to contribute to that and help ensure this area gets the best long-term solution possible.”

You can make your views know by logging into the website and following the links The consultation closes on October 30.

Mr O’Hara added: “As many constituents may know, I have been a strong advocate for a tunnel for several years now having seen how the network of very basic tunnels keep the Faroe Islands connected whatever the weather.

“I was very disappointed therefore to see that a tunnel is not on the list of 11 options being looked at by Transport Scotland as a permanent fix. I am sure that this long-term solution would be favoured by many people who want to ensure that the main artery through Argyll is accessible all year round and I will be contributing to the consultation to make Transport Scotland aware of the importance of an all-weather route.

“Whatever option is chosen, however, we have to make sure it is the best option for the people of Argyll & Bute and that means letting Transport Scotland know what we think so please take part in this consultation.”