Johnson’s deal ‘social and economic disaster’ for Argyll & Bute


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I can’t vote for a ‘deal’ that undermines our farmers, fishermen and future opportunities for young people

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will vote against Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit EU trade deal. I will do so because the deal we are being asked to support is woefully deficient, as it undermines our farmers, our fishing communities and the future opportunities of our young people. 

This deal would be an economic and social disaster for Argyll & Bute and I cannot in good conscience support it.

The Tories know their fig-leaf of a deal will cause serious and long-lasting damage to communities across these islands. 

That explains why they are desperate to have the fingerprints of as many accomplices as possible on this deal, so when the inevitable does happens, the blame get spread as widely as possible. 

I find it absolutely astonishing therefore that even before the ink was dry on this document, Sir Keir Starmer had thrown the full support of the Labour Party behind supporting this deal. 

If I was to vote for it, I’d be saying yes to damaging the economy of Argyll & Bute and making you poorer.

Now that both the Tories and Labour are fully on board, it is inevitable that this deal will be passed. 

Together Tory and Labour are now attempting to portray those voting against the deal as supporters of a No Deal. That’s absolute nonsense. 

Tomorrow I can only vote on what is presented in front of me; Johnson’s deal. And if I was to vote for it, I’d be saying yes to damaging the economy of Argyll & Bute and making you  poorer. I will not do that. 

The people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. The people of Scotland have a right to determine our own future as an independent European country – rather than suffer the long-term damage and decline of a hard Tory Brexit.