Dunoon Grammar School make it to final 3 in World’s Best School Awards


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It was a pleasure to visit Argyll Gardens in Dunoon yesterday and to hear that Dunoon has made it to the final 3 in the World’s Best School Awards. It is absolutely fantastic that they have continually fended off competition to be in the running to take the top prize in the ‘Community Collaboration’ category of the 2022 awards.

And whilst I am delighted to have heard this news, I am not completely surprised. Dunoon Grammar pupils, under the leadership of the excellent teaching staff there, have done so much to promote, advocate for and support their local area over the years – and have had such an embedded and lasting impact on the community around them.

I thank head teacher David Mitchell for inviting me to speak at the exciting announcement yesterday, where I highlighted the importance of schools not just teaching our young people academically, but instilling in them the awareness and the values that are so important to forging meaningful and long-lasting relations in later life.

I wish Dunoon every bit of luck for the rest of the competition and would encourage you to vote for them if you have not done so yet. Voting closes at midnight on October 2nd and you can do this here: https://worldsbestschool.us.launchpad6.com/2022/entries?fbclid=IwAR3Vxg1Vbzqx9rftkUDv7jNQhkFeI968DRPETyEJ5EHYX90zTBpNrb2ofDs

Photograph – Ronnie Cairns Photography