MP Brendan O’Hara Has A Close Shave


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MP Brendan O’Hara has shaved his head in solidarity with his lung cancer sufferer brother.
Cpz74HqWAAEnRiYBrendan, 53, signed up for the Brave the Shave event to raise money for the Macmillan cancer charity , as well as supporting his brother Diarmid.
Diarmid, who is a year older than SNP defence spokesman Brendan, was given his shock diagnosis a month ago.
Brendan said: “Diarmid was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He’s never smoked in his life and is fit and healthy. It just came out of the blue. The whole family are just absolutely shattered.
“But he’s the bravest human being I’ve ever encountered and he’s refusing to lie down to it.
Brendan booked into Mearns Barbers in Newton Mearns, near Glasgow, for his shave and dad-of-three Diarmid was on hand to help

Diarmid & Brendan
Diarmid & Brendan

The MP says he has had amazing support with almost £1200 of his £1500 fundraising target reached already.
He says he isn’t concerned that people may think it odd to see a politician with a shaved head.
He added: “When I told the Argyll & Bute constituency association I was doing it they were wonderfully supportive. If they are a guide to the rest of the population, I don’t think it will be a problem.
“I doubt there is a person in the constituency who has not been either affected by cancer themselves or had a family member who was. So I’m sure they’ll understand and
appreciate why I’m doing it.
“As for losing my hair, at 53 years old I’m just delighted I still have some to lose.”
Brendan says former BBC journalist Diarmid, who is now communications director for West College Scotland, has been overwhelmed by messages of support since the diagnosis.
He added: “He’s still insisting on going to his work every morning and is refusing to lie down to this at all, so he still pitches up for work.
“If I admired him before, my goodness that’s nothing to how much I admire him now.”
Diarmid said: “Since my diagnosis I’ve had so much love and kindness but there have been two rocks in my life, my wife Yvonne and Brendan.”
Macmillan Cancer is a lifeline to people affected by cancer.
So far Brendan has almost doubled his target of £1500. If you would like to to donate, go to: