Brendan O’Hara MP “Backing for Freedom of Movement underlines case for Single Market and Devolution of Migration”


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A major study of public opinion has found that Scotland is the most pro-migration country in the UK.

The poll, conducted by Survation for Channel 4, found that Scots have the most favourable attitude towards migration in the UK, believing that migration has a positive impact.

In a regional breakdown, only London was more pro-migration than Scotland, with the majority of English regions viewing migration as having a negative impact.

Commenting, SNP MP Brendan O’Hara said, “This major study shows that people in Scotland welcome the contribution made by migrants and support continued freedom of movement across Europe.”

“Rural communities in Argyll and Bute rely heavily on inward migration, particularly EU citizens who want to come to work in our food and drink sector, in our forestry, in our farming sector and on our seas.”

“It is crucial that freedom of movement continues, otherwise, it will be completely catastrophic for our economy and for the future of Scotland.”
“With the Tories hostile approach to immigration, which is so out of touch with Scottish attitudes, the case for devolving migration powers is growing even stronger.”