“Sleaze and scandal engulfing Boris Johnson”:


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As the “stench of sleaze and scandal engulfs the Prime Minister”, Argyll & Bute MP Brendan O’Hara has called for a full and independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the awarding of £126,000 of public money to Boris Johnson’s friend, American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri.

Speaking during an Urgent Question debate on the topic, Brendan O’Hara demanded that an inquiry was essential to ensure that the Prime Minister’s actions were “legal, appropriate, that there was no conflict of interest, and that at no time did the now Prime Minister abuse his position or misuse public funds”

He concluded by telling the House of Commons that; “If that does not happen, the stench of sleaze and scandal that currently engulfs the Prime Minister will linger long”

Following the debate Brendan O’Hara further commented;

“Hacker House has been awarded £126,000 ‘to increase the diversity and numbers working in the UK’s booming cybersecurity sector to develop a sustainable supply of home-grown cybersecurity talent’ “

“Where was the due diligence, what steps have been taken to ensure that Hacker House was operating in the UK and why did officials waive the rule that grants could not exceed 50% of the company’s collective income?”

” The only way to establish the facts and hold Boris Johnson to account is by a full independent inquiry”